Oat Mint Cider Vinegar

Oat Mint Cider Vinegar usage for Digestion

Oat Mint Cider Vinegar

Oat Mint Vinegar

Improves thermogenesis of stomach and Liver

Your body needs to digest food to turn it into energy. The food you eat is fuel to run your organs and keep you alive. Digestion is a complex process, and your body performs it in several ways.
The digestion process has many different steps, including the ingestion of food, the breakdown of food into smaller components, the absorption of nutrients, and waste elimination.
Many different digestion problems range from heartburn and indigestion to more severe conditions such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.
This Oat and Mint cider vinegar is the primary digestion helper. Keep on reading for how to make it and use Oat Cider Vinegar.

What is Cider or Vinegar?

Both cider and vinegar are made from fruits or consumable food products, but they’re not quite the same things. The only tangible difference is between their distillation process.

What are Oats?


Cider and vinegar are made from fermented juices. Vinegar is highly distilled and has a transparent color like water, whereas cider can mostly be a brownish color. And both have 4% to 7% acetic acid in them, and the rest is water.

Oats are a type of cereal grain that are harvested from oat plants. Oats are commonly eaten as oatmeal, which is made by cooking oats in water or milk.

Nutrients found in Oats. Below values are against 100 Grams of oats under observation.

Nutrient NamesNutrient Values
Phosphorus523 Milligrams
Energy389 Kcal
Carbohydrates66.30 Grams
Dietary Fibers11.60 Grams
Fats6.90 Grams
Proteins16.90 Grams
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Benefits of Oat for digestion

  • Softening the stool and help it passing easier and fast.
  • Helps in reducing cholesterol levels.
  • Also regulates blood sugar levels.

What is Mint?


It is a small green plant often used as a culinary herb and is very aromatic. Mint is a plant that is used to flavor foods. And have tingling and cold flavor on the tongue.

It is at Mentha rank in the Lamiaceae family. Also mint has about 13 to 24 different species.

Benefits of Mint

It’s an effective herb which can do wonders for many of human body functions and a great taste enhancer.

  • Improve mental clarity and cognition.
  • Prevention of headaches and migraines.
  • Aid in weight loss.
  • Help control cravings.
  • Support healthy digestion.
  • Aid in relaxation.
  • Produce freshness.
  • Increase focus.
  • Improve sleep.
  • Promote better physical health.

Taste and Appearance of “Oat Mint Cider / Vinegar”

Sour in taste and brownish in color with very intense alcoholic smell. This vinegar must be consumed (used) under 3 to 9 grams per does.

How to make Oat Mint Vinegar?

Like any other Vinegar or Cider it also takes some time, approximately it can take up to twenty or more days.

Follow these steps to prepare Oat Mint Cider / Vinegar:

  • Mix fine chopped wild Mint with Oat Flour
  • Add some water to make dough
  • Make thin chapattis, be sure not to over cook or burn them.
  • When all chapattis are cooked and cooled down, crush them and add slight amount of salt.
  • Add 4 litters of water.
  • Pour this mixture in glass container if possible and keep in sunlight for almost 20 days.
  • Filter all the sludge and drain the brownish liquid.
  • Keep it in air tight container.

Benefits of Oat Mint Vinegar for Digestion

There are a few reasons why someone might experience an upset stomach and have digestion problems. The most common is gastroenteritis, an inflammation of the stomach or small intestines, and stomach flu, a viral infection of the stomach. Food poisoning and GERD can cause many discomforts and feel like you have to vomit.

Following are few of Stomach problems which oat-mint-vinegar can give relief to:

  • Improves thermogenesis of stomach and Liver
  • Helps food digest fast
  • Improves stomach’s digestion process
  • Beneficial for dried stool passing
  • Reduces cholera.

What are other Benefits of Oat Mint Vinegar beside digestion?

  • Helpful to remove unwanted Fats. A possible remedy for weight loss when taken in good moderation.
  • Filter’s out and remove toxins and waste from blood.
  • Helps mucus (Phlegm or Sputum) in lungs to naturally come out.
  • It is not proven that this is a medical treatment but some Asian herbal doctors say that putting few drops of Oat-Mint-Vinegar in one’s eye will keep the eye safe from smallpox infection during active attack.

The Bottom Line

Mint adds freshness to your breath and deliciousness to food, and oats are famous for reducing cholesterol and improving intestine function in the passing of stool due to high fiber.

So due to such features and their nutrition, when converted to Cider or Vinegar, they act as kitchen herbal remedies for digestion problems and can also cure upset stomach and reduce stomach cholera.

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